"I'll face this storm with my own battle scars"

- Battle Scars

When Luiz Faria wrote this quote in 2012, he never imagined that it would take so much time and effort to make his music come alive.

After playing live concerts and uploading acoustic covers on his YouTube channel, he decided to change. “I always believed that you should change sometimes or your life will always stay the same. I wanted to be known by my own songs, not from the others,” he said just after deleting all the videos and changing his social media for something that was coming. It was the start of something new.

“I've tried to make a debut album, but it was so hard to pick up the pieces and build something with all the ideas. It took almost six years to write songs that represent the reality of my life and now, I can say that, I’m proud of them.”

But the thing wasn’t how to pick up the pieces, was how to build something different from everything on these days and manage his time between work, university and music. “I almost lost my mind. I tried to focus on everything at the same time and it was a complete chaos. Now I feel that the university helped me through this path”.

After finishing the marketing graduation, Luiz decided to invest more time in his music and in the stories that was burning inside his head. He flew to London and started to produce the “Battle Scars EP” with Alex (Fando) Fernandes in his home studio, but had to come back to Brazil and finish the ideas between two countries.

“We’ve been working remotely and trying to make it happen between the time zones, but it seemed to work out for us. In the end, London became my favorite place because everything seemed to happen in there”.

Luiz decided to tell the stories of his battles for love, happiness, fear and loneliness in his debut EP, with strong lyrics and deep meaning, now he is ready for everything that it is coming.

“It’s the start of something new. It could be a long path, but I’m very excited to see where it goes,” he says, looking at the clock as it turns midnight, the release date of the lead single, Battle Scars. “I’m not scared. I already faced too many battles. This is just another mile of the road.”

And this is how the long journey begins.


© 2020 by LUIZ FARIA