//  Origin:  Brazil
//  Genres:  Pop, Indie Pop, Singer-Songwriter
//  Years Active:  2016- Present
//  Website:  luizfariamusic.com

The Brazilian singer-songwriter, Luiz Faria, always liked to tell the stories about his life, the battles for love, happiness, fear and loneliness are around his lyricism. With a sound inspired by Ed Sheeran, OneRepublic and Taylor Swift, he decided to follow his love for pop music and to release his own music after years of putting music on Youtube and live concerts.


Raised in Jaboticabal, São Paulo's countryside in Brazil, Luiz started to write songs when he was 12 years old, developing his songwriting and vocal skills.  After finishing the marketing graduation, Luiz decided to invest more time in his music and in the stories that was burning inside his head. 


He flew to Europe and started to produce the “Battle Scars EP”, the results of these sessions around London, Vienna and other cities, you can listen in his discography.



Luiz Faria drops his new single “No One Who Loves”


The Brazilian singer-songwriter got inspiration from New York Times’ best selling book for this new track.


There’s must be better angels… Who loves…” these are the words that Luiz Faria sings on his new single, from his upcoming album “Battle Scars”. The new track is an indie-pop style, led by the strong synth and vocals, while the lyrics tell the story about something that was with him during his quarantine in Brazil.


“I’m a huge fan of Cassandra Clare’s books and when I finished Chain of Gold, that ending got stuck inside my mind, and I was in shock because, you know, everything happening with the characters in such a waterfall way, so I got this idea to tell the story about that book and its personas”, said Luiz after finishing the recording session is his house in Brazil.


The song was produced by Jordie Saenz, a California-based music producer, who made songs from Love You Later, JAE BLAK and Super Whatevr. And they made it across the sea, uniting the willing to create something different.


“This song was out of my comfort zone, because it’s the first time that I wrote something from another person perspective and I gave Jordie all the creative license that he needed to make it happen. In the end, we are very happy with the track”, said Luiz explaining that he wrote the song in one morning.


“No One Who Loves” is out in every single streaming platform.


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Single: No One Who Loves (2020)
Written by: Luiz Faria
Produced, mixed and mastered by: Jordie Saenz
Single: Delicate (2020)
Written and produced by: Luiz Faria
Mixed and mastered by: Fábio Fonzare
Music video director: Luiz Faria
Single: Farewell Adagio (2019)
Written and co-produced by: Luiz Faria
Produced, mixed and mastered by: William Jason
Music video director: Iris Cristyn
Single: Battle Scars (2018)
Written and co-produced by: Luiz Faria
Produced, mixed and mastered by: Jay Hundert
Lyric video director: Luiz Faria


"'Battle Scars' is about when you wake up in the middle of the night."
"Farewell Adagio is about that moment when you let that person go and fade away"
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