//  Origin:  Brazil
//  Genres:  Pop, Indie Pop, Singer-Songwriter
//  Years Active:  2016- Present
//  Website:  luizfariamusic.com

Finding your voice is never a easy thing to do and Luiz learned it through the years.
The Brazilian singer-songwriter, Luiz Faria, always liked to tell the stories about his life, the battles for love, happiness, fear and loneliness around his lyricism.

"I started to write my own songs when I was 12 years old, so I've been telling the stories since them. For me, writting a lyric is like opening my notebook and ripping out its pages. It's a very personal. But there's always someone out there that might need to hear the same thing you've been through. In the beggining, it was hard to find the right style to say them" said Luiz.

Inspired by Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, OneRepublic and many other pop and indie artists, he decided to follow his love for pop music and to release his own music after years of putting music on Youtube and live concerts.
"There's always the fear of not being good enough or the thoughts about 'will they like it?' or 'am I having the time of my life making music?', but I've been having a great time."

In 2018, he started to work in his original songs in sessions around the world. From London to L.A. and back to São Paulo, he has been making music with the same producers of Twilight Driving, Love You Later and Sineself. And some tracks produced by himself.
The result of these sessions you can listen in his discography.


Luiz Faria shares his new single “Angel”


The Brazilian singer-songwriter, Luiz Faria, shared his new single "Angel" from his upcoming EP "Things That Makes Us Who We Are". The new track is a classic pop, that remembers the songs that used to blast the speakers back in 2000. Influenced by Jack Savoretti, Paolo Nutini and Maroon 5, "Angel" tells a different story of the chapter of Luiz's life.


"I wrote Angel in a hot summer afternoon in mid November. I remember being alone and studying for my university finals, when I got this picture in my mind of me walking down an avenue in the middle of the night, the entire city quiet and peaceful. That was the starting point for the lyrics" said Luiz.


"Angel" tells the story of a person questioning their relationship after so many fights, but always coming back to that person that it's your "only one". The lyrics were written in 2013 and after eight years, Luiz decided to take a chance with his favorite song in 2021.


"The song has this type of production and vibe that I've loved and wanted to do with music, but I've never found the right moment or the right producer to finally make it come true. Until 2020 came. I discovered that there's no time right anymore and I decided to start my 2021 making music, especially this one.".


The track was produced by George Gleeson, a UK-based music producer, who made songs for Cheriton, Good Peach and Twilight Driving, one of Luiz's favorite bands, and mastered by Fabian Brendel. "I said to George that I didn't want to use any synth. And somehow we manage to make it happen with real instruments, like it was in early 2000's. He's the best producer I've ever worked."


“Angel” available in every single streaming platform in April 23.


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Single: Angel (2021)
Written by: Luiz Faria
Produced and mixed by: George Gleeson
Mastered by: Fabian Brendel
Lyric video director: Luiz Faria
Single: No One Who Loves (2020)
Written by: Luiz Faria
Produced, mixed and mastered by: Jordie Saenz
Lyric video director: Luiz Faria
Single: Delicate (2020)
Written and produced by: Luiz Faria
Mixed and mastered by: Fábio Fonzare
Music video director: Iris Cristyn
Single: Farewell Adagio (2019)
Written and co-produced by: Luiz Faria
Produced, mixed and mastered by: William Jason
Music video director: Iris Cristyn
Single: Battle Scars (2018)
Written and co-produced by: Luiz Faria
Produced, mixed and mastered by: Jay Hundert
Lyric video director: Luiz Faria


"'Battle Scars' is about when you wake up in the middle of the night."
"Farewell Adagio is about that moment when you let that person go and fade away"
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