Farewell in Adagio?

“Coming back home, I finally let you go…”

These are the words that open my second single, Farewell Adagio. And I wrote it when I came home after leaving everything that I’ve had, back in that time, behind.

I can remember that it was a hot day after a long, cold and rainy night. And suddenly, everything was fine. I had found myself again in the middle of the chaos. I was whole. Thankfully.

So I decided to write the lyrics of the song after a month, and after thinking and processing everything that I’ve been through. For me, writing songs has always been therapeutic and helped me to see the situations from a different kind of pointing view. And this is how Farewell Adagio was born. It’s my farewell letter, the one I’ve written in that cold night, but never delivered, and in adagio because it’s the saddest length of the music.

The song was produced by the amazing guy, William Jason, from London and I had much fun recording it. But more fun came when I decided to shoot a music video for it, on my vacations on the beach, in the middle of a gray, rainy and coldish day.

The water was freezing, but my mother, sister and brother helped me to do that and my incredible friend – and my music video director – Iris Crystin made everything shines even more sad while I was trying to look sexy all wet and almost getting a flu.

Well… I know that I’m a chatty person, but I think you should listen and watch the music video for Farewell Adagio, now that you know all about the song. Maybe one day I’ll share that letter in full, let’s see.

Much love,


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