High above... There's no one who loves...

Writing songs since I was 12 has been one of the greatest things in my life. Every time that I need to escape or to say something that I've been holding for so long, I always look to music and the magic happens. It's easy to write lyrics for me, more than creating sounds.

But there's something I've never been able to write about: somebody else experiences.

It's weird, right? I always tried to write songs about movies or books, but I couldn't. Well, except with this new single 'No One Who Loves'.

The idea came so fast that I was caught by surprise. I finished the reading of 'Chain of Gold' by Cassandra Clare and the next morning I had the entire lyrics in my mind. Somehow, the character dynamic changed my perception of how music should be made. And it sounded so great on piano and vocals, the first demo of it.

'No One Who Loves' tells the story of James, Cordelia, Grace, Lucie and Matthew, the characters of The Last Hours series. And it was produced by Jordie Saenz, who did an AMAZING job.

Well... I'm gonna keep quiet and let you listen to my new single.

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