Oh, delicate

How to explain a song that took 20 minutes to write in a Friday night before going out? Well... I think that this explains a lot!

I wrote Delicate so quickly, because the words were right there in front of me. All I had to do was catch them in the air and turn into poetry in the middle of the dark.

The idea of Delicate was, originally, to be a simple song like a voice memo or something that you wake up and grab your guitar a play. The lyrics are about being with someone new and loving that person, but still being afraid of what time will bring for you. It’s about questioning and doubting about this love.

I think that we all have been in this kind of place in our lives and its very ordinary to think and feel like that, even when we don’t know how or what to feel.

So this is why Delicate is so delicate. Because it’s raw and made with human emotions. Like everyone are.

And I think that the most curious things about the song is:

- It’s the first that I produced on my own;

- I took all the promotional photos and cover in London and Paris, on my own;

- It was recorded in my bedroom, making my closet and shirts like a vocal booth.

I hope that you had liked it!

Watch Delicate lyric video here:



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