The start of something new

Hi guys, how’s everyone?

I decided to start this blog to get closer to everyone who listen to my music. And to introduce myself for those who doesn’t.

So hey, my name is Luiz Faria, but everyone calls me Luiz. I’m a singer-songwriter from Brazil. And until now, I’m 24 years-old, and feeling old already. I love and breathe music since I was a kid, when my parents used to have a local radio station. I remember dancing and singing out loud at the studio, close to my place, and pretending to have the moment of my life. And then, I started to do things on my own.

I’ve started to write my own songs when I was 12, and those were Portuguese versions of the music that I used to like, back in that time. And then my life turned into a massive roller coaster. I always loved art. Everything that involved art. So I make TV, theater, musical theatre, wrote scripts for TV and plays and later books. But in the meantime, music was always there, with me writing my own songs and telling the stories about my life, and performing in local bars and venues.

But in 2017, I’ve decided to have my moment. I have decided to change my direction with my music. I wouldn’t play covers no one, on my Youtube channel. It would be just my music. And everything started.

I had hundreds and hundreds of songs in my drawer, waiting to come alive. And this is how Battle Scars, my first single, was born.

So I flew to London in march of 2018 and started to produce my songs with an incredible guy, Alex “Fando” Fernandes, at his home studio. And everything started to fall into the right place. Battle Scars came later that year with a co-production of Jay Hundert, from Austria, and this long road started for myself. And now I’m here talking with you.

And I hope that I have the chance to keep talking, but I’m a very chatty person. So I think that this is enough for my brief introduction. I hope you have a great day or night, I don’t know which hour of the day you are reading this.

Ah, oh, you can listen to Battle Scars here:



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