Walking through the city of lost souls...

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My new single "Angel" just came out last week. #CHEERS!

And it's my favorite song ever written and produced.

But to write about Angel, I need to go back a little back in time, like almost 7 years ago.

I wrote Angel in a hot summer afternoon in mid November. I remember being alone and studying for my university finals, when I got this picture in my mind of me walking down an avenue in the middle of the night, the entire city quiet and peaceful. That was the starting point for the lyrics.

Okay... this has "I'm With You" by Avril Lavigne vibes, but THAT'S the point.

It took almost 30 minutes to write the entire lyrics and topline (what we call the vocals), but everything was there. Everything fell into the right place at the right moment.

It's funny, because sometimes I struggle to write a new lyric for days or even months. But Angel was there in front of me.

It's my favorite lyrics, because it tells the story of being in a relationship and suddenly you start to questioning your love for the other after too many fights and then you realize that you're lost and there's nothing left or no one around, except that person.
I believe that we can be in a relationship with very different people, but that person's still your anchor to the real life and love. That person is your angel walking through the city of lost souls. And this why the love remains strong and true.

So the lyrics were ready in 2013... Why record it in 2021?

The thing was... I didn't want to record it.

But before you kill me, let me explain.

Angel has this type of production and vibe that I've loved and wanted to do with music, but I've never found the right moment or the right producer to finally make it come true. Until 2020 came. I discovered that there's no time right anymore and I decided to start my 2021 making music, especially this one.

The track is produced by George Gleeson, from Twilight Driving - one of my fave bands, and mastered by Fabian Brendel, two incredible people that took care of the song that same way that I did.

I hope you like the lyrics, production and everything about this track as much as I do.

Here's Angel:



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